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Mother's Day Giveaway: Turn Old Family Photos into a Keepsake Photo Book

by Pinhole Press / 04.18.2016

An old family photograph is a priceless memento that connects you to family history that we can only now imagine. With the passing of time, there's a mystery that builds around about old family photos. These photographs raise questions. They make us smile. They make us laugh. 

Holidays like Mother's Day are the perfect moments to pull out your old photographs and retell family stories. This year, we're partnering with Legacybox to help you turn your family photos into a photo book with our Mother's Day giveaway ($559.95 value). Enter to win a Family Legacybox and Pinhole Press photo book below. 

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7 Custom Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

by Pinhole Press / 04.01.2016

We can all agree that Mother's Day provides the perfect opportunity to share photos of the grandchildren with your mom. But, spring is a busy time of the year and it's essential to find ways to send a thoughtful gift rather than a (whoops!) belated gift. 

The Mother's Day gifts that are guaranteed to dazzle are sentimental and unique. To save you time, we've rounded up our favorite Mother's Day gifts. Whether your photos are on your computer, Facebook or Instagram, these quick and thoughtful gifts are simple to create and guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. 

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Telling Your Story: Photos of Mothers and Daughters

by Angela Scheiderich / 03.30.2016

Photographs have power, since they remind us of times past and can showcase the beauty of a relationship -- photos of mothers and daughters are especially moving. Angela Scheiderich, owner and photographer at Harlow Bliss Photography agrees, and she has proof in her beautiful Mother/Daughter Project. We recently spoke with Angela about mothers, daughters and her powerful imagery.

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How to Create a Board Book with Family Photos

by Pinhole Press / 03.24.2016

The Mini Book of Names and Faces is a personalized board book that will help your child learn family names and first words. Perfect for small hands, this custom board book is designed for children ages one and up. The Mini Book of Names and Faces board book is a great gift for a baby who has family members spread out across the country or the world. 

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How to Create a Brag Book for Grandma

by Pinhole Press / 03.22.2016

Shopping for mom (or grandma) can be fun but stressful. Even if she says she doesn’t want a present this year, you know your mother deserves a special gift. A Brag Book is a thoughtful and easy gift that she will really love. Learn how to create your custom Brag Book for Mother's Day in the video below.

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Creating a Lasting Memory: Panoramic Photo Books

by Kim Vargo / 03.18.2016

In my last post, I wrote all about re-thinking the documentation process when it comes to travel photography. One of the most important (and pesky) steps of that whole process is coming home, downloading the images and narrowing that large number of files down to the best of the best. While that task can seem daunting, I find that it’s really important to do it right away, as to not fall into the never-getting-done trap!

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The Ultimate Day of St. Patrick's Day Fun for Kids

by Pinhole Press / 03.15.2016

St. Patrick's Day provides us with an opportunity to break up the daily routine and share creative moments with our family. To celebrate Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland, green shamrocks and ribbons have been worn since the 1680s. To join in the festivities, we've gone green and pulled together a full day's worth of shamrock inspired food and activities any child would be lucky to get - they'll think they struck gold!

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DIY Travel Activity Box for Kids

by Stephanie Bryan / 03.13.2016

Traveling with kids is always fun and exciting! My two kids are usually bursting at the seams to get on the road, but are "bored" or antsy after just a few minutes driving! To help curb their "boredom" on our upcoming vacation, I decided to put together activity boxes for each of my kids! These boxes are perfect for road trips, flights, or even just a few minutes of sanity at home for momma on those late spring afternoons! 

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How to Create Your Own Amazing Photo Gallery Wall

by Pinhole Press / 03.11.2016

Life goes by fast, especially when you have kids. Babies change so quickly, and within just a few months they look like little people -- and you simply cannot travel back in time to recapture a moment.

No matter how much you're convinced that you'll remember everything about a certain time in your life, memories fade. Displaying your best family photos keeps your memories front and center, and they can provide a great conversation piece for any guest to your home. It's also fun for kids to see pictures of themselves when they were small to understand just how far they've come, and they can spark stories of your family history that kids may not remember.

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6 Sugar-Free Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

by Pinhole Press / 03.09.2016

Easter will be hopping onto your calendar later this month, and that means it’s time to think about putting together the perfect Easter basket for the little ones in your life. Traditionally, Easter baskets are packed with plastic grass that sticks to everything and enough candy to fuel a week-long sugar rush.

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