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How does a new photo gift get launched?

by Pinhole Press / 10.19.2016

We're on a mission to spread smiles with photo gifts for kids. Here's the way that new products magically appear...

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6 Tips for the First Day of Kindergarten

by Pinhole Press / 08.25.2016

Transitioning to kindergarten can be a big change for child and parents alike. Your little kiddo is spending time in a new and unfamiliar environment several hours a week and will soon have his own homework assignments and field trips. It can be difficult and even overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there are ways you can make the transition smoother so that you start the school year with confidence and ease. Here are six ways to get your kindergartner started on the right foot.

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Rain, Rain, Stay Awhile: What to Do on a Rainy Day

by Pinhole Press / 07.19.2016

When rain chases the sun away, don't let it chase away your sense of fun. Gloomy weather can be the backdrop for some of your kids' best days. Plan a day filled with alternating adventures: play indoors until cabin fever sets in, then head out into the fat raindrops for some splashing before drying off with a warm and cozy game.

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10 Ways to Entertain Your Kids While Traveling

by Pinhole Press / 07.12.2016

Many parents dread long road trips and airplane rides with their kids. Children have short attention spans, and spending hours in a confined space with energetic little ones is not anyone's idea of a good time!

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The Essential Summer Picnic Checklist

by Pinhole Press / 07.06.2016


We've all seen picnics in the movies. The revelers frolic on picturesque rolling plains, clink their wine glasses, jump into the local watering hole for a swim, and still manage to leave the scene in clean, unwrinkled garments. Is this real life?

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Visual Strategist Christina Loucks on Motherhood and Creativity

by Pinhole Press / 05.06.2016

Christina Loucks is a creative powerhouse. In her professional life, she is a stylist, brand strategist and designer -- in her personal life, a mother. She fills her busy days with creativity, a little bit of chaos and a lot of love. Most recently, Pinhole Press had the pleasure of collaborating with Christina on a photo shoot for Mother's Day, where we learned more about how her daughter Mila inspires her creativity and her creative work. 

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Memory Games for Adults can Slow Memory Loss

by Pinhole Press / 05.04.2016

Aging happens slowly. Initially, your parent talks about “senior moments” in a light-hearted way: forgetting the keys, losing a book, missing an appointment. There comes a time, though, that many adults look at their parents and really start to worry because their memory loss is becoming more serious. For some persons, the memory loss is severe and the family must deal with a diagnosis of dementia. In the quiet moments after a diagnosis, they piece together plans to make life rich and beautiful for their loved one for as long as possible.

Whether your parent is suffering from mild memory loss or if they've been diagnosed with clinical dementia, you no doubt want to do as much as you can to help. Happily, research has shown that there are things that can help their condition and may even slow memory loss.

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Mother's Day Giveaway: Turn Old Family Photos into a Keepsake Photo Book

by Pinhole Press / 04.18.2016

An old family photograph is a priceless memento that connects you to family history that we can only now imagine. With the passing of time, there's a mystery that builds around about old family photos. These photographs raise questions. They make us smile. They make us laugh. 

Holidays like Mother's Day are the perfect moments to pull out your old photographs and retell family stories. This year, we're partnering with Legacybox to help you turn your family photos into a photo book with our Mother's Day giveaway ($559.95 value). Enter to win a Family Legacybox and Pinhole Press photo book below. 

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7 Custom Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

by Pinhole Press / 04.01.2016

We can all agree that Mother's Day provides the perfect opportunity to share photos of the grandchildren with your mom. But, spring is a busy time of the year and it's essential to find ways to send a thoughtful gift rather than a (whoops!) belated gift. 

The Mother's Day gifts that are guaranteed to dazzle are sentimental and unique. To save you time, we've rounded up our favorite Mother's Day gifts. Whether your photos are on your computer, Facebook or Instagram, these quick and thoughtful gifts are simple to create and guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. 

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Telling Your Story: Photos of Mothers and Daughters

by Angela Scheiderich / 03.30.2016

Photographs have power, since they remind us of times past and can showcase the beauty of a relationship -- photos of mothers and daughters are especially moving. Angela Scheiderich, owner and photographer at Harlow Bliss Photography agrees, and she has proof in her beautiful Mother/Daughter Project. We recently spoke with Angela about mothers, daughters and her powerful imagery.

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