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How to Apply Custom Beer and Wine Labels

by Kim Vargo / 12.17.2015

Last year, Scott and I hosted a holiday party in our new-to-us home, and we had such a great response, that we decided to make it an annual tradition! You might remember that we made custom Pinhole Press invitations and labels to snail mail to our guests, but this year, we stepped it up another notch and created personalized labels for the drinks. I did something similar for Scott this past Father’s Day, and it was just as much fun to share the silliness with our closest friends over the weekend.

Cooking with Kids: Colored Sugar Pillow Cookies for the Holidays

by Bree Hester / 12.02.2015

With the holidays quickly approaching, you can be sure of one thing - there will be plenty of cookies to eat!

I love baking with my kids, and now that they are getting older, I am in more of a supervisory position. It is very nice to be able to sit back and have them delight me with their homemade cookies. (They also make a great cup of coffee that goes perfectly with a few of these sugary little pillows.)

Be Unique with Save the Date Photo Decals

by Pinhole Press / 11.14.2015

Choosing a save the date photo card is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. It kicks off the party and gets the planning for your celebration started. There are several styles of save the dates to choose from these days but one of the most unique is the save the date decal

Our Favorite Mini Books: Custom Board Book for Baby's First Words

by Pinhole Press / 11.13.2015

To celebrate her son Anton's second birthday, Joanna of A Cup of Jo created a custom board book with thick, kid-friendly pages. Joanna remarks about how now at nearly two years old, Anton is "really starting to speak. It’s such a fun age! To help him learn words, we made him his own Pinhole Press Mini Book of Names & Faces."

To gather inspiration to create your own Mini Book of Names and Faces, check out our Pinterest board or PJ's baby's first photo book

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Our Favorite Mini Books: Custom Board Book Adoption Gift

by Pinhole Press / 11.12.2015

We love how Rachel Hollis of The Chic Site created a Mini Book of Names and Faces to prepare for her family's adoption. Her meet and greet mini board book is a precious adoption gift for her family's future little girl.

To create her custom board book, Rachel "just took cute pictures from my phone and turned them into a little board book for baby girl. [Rachel] thought it was a precious way to introduce her to our whole family. Not just her new big brothers or me and Dave but her grandparents, aunts and uncles that she might not see all the time."

Learn how to create your own custom board book here or check out this baby's first year photo book

How to Style your Home: Decorating your Bedroom Dresser

by Carrie Waller / 11.11.2015

My husband and I just recently moved into a brand new-to-us 1960s home in Virginia, and have spent the past month trying to make it feel like ours. Although organizing (and recycling all of those cardboard boxes!) was the priority, now that we are a little more settled, I’ve turned my attention to styling the surfaces in each of the rooms.

I’ve found that thoughtful styling goes a long way in making an unfamiliar house feel lived in and loved, and since I know I’m not the only one looking to nail the lived-in look, I’m sharing my tricks for making your surfaces feel naturally styled below—starting with a dresser!

Your Ultimate Guide to Holiday Cards is Here

by Pinhole Press / 11.10.2015

Don’t you just love heading to the mailbox in December? Every day there’s a new stack of holiday photo cards showing off a family portrait of friends and relatives. We love these reminders of all of my far-flung friends and family, and look forward to seeing them every year.

Today’s holiday cards aren’t the greetings that your grandparents sent out decades ago. Pinhole Press offers a variety of unique personalization options, giving you great freedom in precisely how you send holiday greetings to your loved ones.


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How a Professional Photo Shoot Works

by Pinhole Press / 11.10.2015

Holiday photo cards have become the most popular way to share a family update during the holiday season. Whether it’s a gorgeous family portrait or a hilarious outtake, the photo is the first thing you notice on a holiday card. The second thing you notice is quality.

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Spoiler alertIf you want your holiday card to be awesome – even laugh-out-loud awesome – it’s a great choice to hire a professional photographer.

Working with a professional photographer allows you to get in the photo, instead of behind the camera. It also gives you the chance to document your family at a moment in time with a high-quality keepsake.

Why Holiday Cards are so Important in our Digital World

by Pinhole Press / 11.10.2015

Sharing your latest family photo, an image from your last vacation or your kids’ school pictures is just a tap or swipe away in today’s tech-savvy world. Social media makes sharing photographs and connecting with friends and family members, whether they’re across the street or across the country, easier than ever. With this instant access to photos and greetings, you might even reconsider sending out holiday cards when a simple holiday greeting is just a click away. Before you ditch holiday cards for a smartphone–snapped photo on Facebook or Twitter though, consider these distinct advantages of sending holiday cheer the old-fashioned way.

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Thinking Outside the Box: 4 Photo Ideas for your Holiday Card Photo

by Pinhole Press / 11.10.2015

Don’t you just love heading to the mailbox in December? Every day there’s a new stack of holiday photo cards showing off a family portrait of friends and relatives, and they all look so poised and happy. I love these reminders of all of my far-flung friends and family, and look forward to seeing them every year.

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